Advanced feature of the software supports data recovery from hard drives, fixed as well as from removable media drives when operated on Operating Systems (other than Windows operating system) like Apple Macintosh, MAC OS X. To recover data just simply connect such devices to your Windows Machine having 001Micron (Premium) - Recovery Software installed and do run the software without any technical guidance.


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Data Restore Software - Premium Features

What is the use of Software?

  • • To recover lost data from formatted hard disk.
  • • Get back your lost data erased from Recycle Bin folder.
  • • Salvage lost data while accessing on virus infected Laptop or Desktop System.
  • • Retrieve missing data from inaccessible portable removable mass storage devices like USB flash devices, Portable Media Players (MP3/MP4 players) etc.

Software Other Benefits

  • • Alternative for data recovery services
  • • Cost-effective and easy to use
  • • Time and money saving application
  • • Useful for home or office users (no need to go to data recovery labs)

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