Keylogger Features

Keylogger is very useful for business organizations as well as for home purpose. Program allows Company managers to closely monitor the entire working of employees on company PCs during office hours. Similarly, helps parents to check the detail online chatting activities of children and control them from misusing internet.


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Keylogger Software Features

Don't you want to know what your employees are doing in office computers when you are not watching them?

Major Software Features :

  • • Records all keystrokes made on your computer PC by any user.
  • • Records chat sessions, web pages, urls, passwords, emails, texts etc.
  • • Saves keystroke activity in log file format.
  • • Sends log report in the stealth mode to specified e-mail account.
  • • Password protected feature prevents unauthorized users to change software settings.
  • • Efficient to work in hidden mode and not appears on the Desktop, Add/Remove Programs, Control panel and even from Program folders.

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