Computer surveillance software is very useful to keep an eye over children chatting activities on the net and helps to monitor the non-productive activities of employees on Company computers during office timing. User-friendly utility automatically prepares log report of overall PC usage which helps administrator to easily review the entire computer activity of any user from any part of the world.


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Advance Keylogger Features

Major Advance Keylogger Software Features:

√ System Monitoring Features

  • • Records clipboard entries and other copy-paste operations.
  • • Captures Windows screenshots at regular time interval (with slideshow viewing).
  • • Records system logins.
  • • Records system sound clips.
  • • Records any changes made in system date and time.
  • • Records keystroke entries (passwords, urls, texts, documents) etc.

√ Log Report and Emailing Features

  • • Automatically prepares log report of entire PC activities.
  • • Displays the log report in Text or Html file formats.
  • • Generated log file is completely professional and easily understandable.
  • • Sends log report to defined email address or upload using FTP server settings.

√ Privacy Features

  • • Password protected feature restricts external user to change software settings.
  • • Administrator can easily hide the software from Add/remove list, Program folders, Start menu and even no shortcut icon on the Desktop.
  • • Hot keys and Run command settings facilitates to access software running in stealth mode.

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